Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pudong airport (浦东机场) - SuZhou (苏州)

[Feb 14, 2010]

Mum and I departed from Penang Internation Airport to Shanghai on Feb 14. That day was the 1st day of Chinese New Year, as well as Valentine's Day. Apologise to my dear because not able to celebrate with him in this special day. But anyway I know he won't mind when he got so many souvenirs from me! :P

My mum was extremely excited and worried. She was excited because she got to travel again after 2 years (Taiwan trip). She was worried when she heard that it is snowing in Shanghai that day. Me? I am excited because of crystal white snow! I curious to know how it looks like. I curious to know how cold it will be. I can't wait to throw snow ball towards other people. :P

My mind changed once touched down at PuDong airport and waited for our tour bus outside the airport. The wind was so cold. ICY COLDddddddd! I shivered although I wore winter clothes. But I know this won't keep me warm because I have not put on my long-john yet. Arrrrrrhhhhhh!

On our way to SuZhou, whole trip was so excited when we saw snow on the ground. Snow here and there. Believe me, you will treat it as treasure before you see it in real. Once you know it, you will see it no different as shaved ice. :P It is extremely cold inside the bus. I wondered why the driver never turn on the heater. Finally someone in the bus started to complain. And now we know why the driver does not want to turn on the heater. Based on his experiences, he thought that people from Malaysia or Singapore normally afraid of hot. ="= I could not imagine if no one complain, will he still turn on the air-cons under such cooling weather?

Bus suddenly broke down on the way to SuZhou. Everyone played on the snow outside while driver repairs the bus. I touched the snow! I touched the snow! ^_^ I nearly cannot move my fingers after held the snow in my hand for some time and my body started to shiver again. Struggling journey in the bus.

Day time is short during winter, therefore started to turn dark around 6pm. I thought tour guide send us to hotel since he knew that all of us were not used to cold weather here yet. I thought he will let us rest earlier that night. In fact, it is NOT! I still have to continue the sightseeing with struggling heart. T_____T I wanna go home!

First we visited Harmony Time Square (圆融时代广场). Inside has the longest and biggest screen above the mall. The main purpose for this visit is shopping, but unfortunately most of the shops closed due to holiday (or because we were late?)

Next we moved on to SuZhou Science & Culture Art Centre (苏州科技文化艺术中心). It is also known as 'Bird's Nest'. It looks the same as the one in Beijing. Yes, because both of the bird's nest are designed by the same person. This building was right next to the Golden Chicken Lake. The entire area lights up at night. Suzhou is called the Silicon Valley of the East.
After this, we finally can take a rest in hotel. This hotel room is great and warm enough to melt my icy cold body. :P
Have a sweet dream~

Monday, April 19, 2010

I ♥ Snow

By taking only 3 days annual leaves, I would be able going to China for 1 week during Chinese New Year. By the way it is not advisable visit to China during that period because it is freaking cold!!!! It is I-C-Y COLD!!! Help!!! I hardly can breathe/walk under such chilly weather. Almost frozen when the wind blows towards me. I cried inside my heart "I wanna go home. Can Anyone send me home?" T______T

Snow @ SuZhou 苏州
Anyway I saw snow. Yup, I saw real S-N-O-W. I almost lost my mind when I first grabbed the snow in my bare hand. I looked at the snow again and again. Why the snow look the same as the shaved ice?! @_@ Suddenly ais kacang come across my mind. :P

Snow @ WuXi 无锡

The coldest moment during winter is when the snow start to melt, but not when the snow fall from the sky. Very coincidentally, snow started falling down at the night we flew over Shanghai and it melted when I was there for 1 week. >_<

Snow @ NanJing 南京

Snow @ Shanghai 上海

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Izakaya (Japanese: いざかや ♥ Chinese: 居酒屋) is traditional shop which serves food and drinks. It is popular and relatively cheap place for after-work drinking. My first time visit to Izakaya is also my last day working in Japan. Yea, you're right. I've completed my 3 months work/training and force to leave my favourite country - Japan. T__________T

Although I sometimes always grumble about the tough working life, Japan is still a country that I'm longing to visit. Within these 3 months, have been gone through sweet and tough moment.
Sweet because of Hokkaido / Kyoto / Izu Peninsula short trip. Of course have been visited most of the tourist attraction in Tokyo. Have been stayed in different types of backpackers hostel/Youth hostels. Also have a good time when I saw endless lavender farm as well as enjoying King Crab feast in Hokkaido trip. Able to fulfill my dream by taking number of photos with geisha in Atami trip (First attempt failed in Kyoto trip). Bought my 1st DSLR in Akihabara. My birthday celebration in dormitory.
Tough because of work for 5 days OT per week. Everyday walk about 20 mins to office (even experience the scary Typhoon No. 8). Squeezed ourselves into the train in order to get to destination. Spent too much and make ourselves in tough situation at Ameyoko (Nearly cannot return to dormitory. Btw thanks to CREDIT CARD!) During the stay in Japan, I wore the same clothes because can't afford to buy even one dress not really keen on japan fashion.

Well, please come back to Izakaya. 2009-10-16 Our farewell ganbatte party with my colleagues in Tokyo. We still have to continue our task when we return to Sg. ="= Really great to visit Izakaya before we left. They serves a lot of food and drinks such as,

Yakitori & Kushiyaki
Sashimi (Wow!!!!!)

and other dishes...

All the best to you all!!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Izu Peninsula Day 3

[Oct 12, 09]

This would be the last short trip in Japan before we headed back to Sg. We had completed our work in Japan. We were so much reluctant to leave Izu. It looks like an isolated place that give us a getaway in our hectic life. If I have chance to choose, I wish I can stay longer in Izu (BUT NOT FOREVER).
We woke up late that day. We did not rush throughout the trip. As usual, I looked out of the window once I woke up. That day I found out the weather is specially good and the sea is calm. I love the peace of Izu. I wish I could visit here one day!

You would easily find the chestnut and persimmon in Autumn.
Bye, Izu!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Izu Peninsular Day 2

[Oct 11, 09]
We normally stay in hostel during the time in Japan because the hostel price is affordable. Hotel in Japan is incredible expensive. Don't expect too much if you choose hostel. Normally have to share bathroom with other tourists. Some hostels provide shower form/shampoo, but some are not. So better prepare own shower form/shampoo/towel before the trip starts. Staying in hostel has its pros and cons. We got to know friends from any other countries and shared travel experiences with each others.
Anyway day 2 in Izu. We woke up quite late since we don't want to rush ourselves in this trip. Journey started by taking local train to Shimoda station. And then took Tokai bus to Dogashima. From Shimoda station to Dogashima, it takes about 1 hour. It's long and exhausted journey. But you would forget about all your tiredness once you reach there.
The coastline of Dogashima in Western Izu is famous for its dramatic stone formation, cliffs and caves, formed by the lava flow of past volcanic eruptions and the erosion by the sea.
We took the sightseeing boat to tour around. It takes about 20 minutes. After this, we spent some times sit under the tree and looked at the scenery. A trip without rushing time is really fun. That's why we spent whole afternoon at only Dogashima.

In the late afternoon, we headed back to Shimoda station before we missed the last bus. We walked around the Shimoda town. Shimoda has historical importance as the landing place of several of Commodore Perry's "black ships" in 1854, an event which marked the end of Japan's era of isolation and the start of diplomatic relations between the US and Japan.
Second night in Izu. We still stayed in the same hostel. There are special event on going that night at Usami. Everyone in the town was very excited. Both of us are the only foreigners who watched the event.