Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tokyo O-Edo Museum

[August 23, 09]

Had been planned for this gathering with Lee Chyi before I went for Hokkaido trip. We met up at Ryogoku station, which is well-known as SUMO town. Once I get out of the train, I saw one BIG guy wearing like a Sumo. He is H-U-G-E to me.. :P
You will be able to see a row of sumo restaurants once you get out of the station.
Lee Chyi and I spent whole afternoon inside the museum and we chat a lot of about our current life. I never know that museum can also be a great place for girl's chit-chat... Anyway this museum is unique. I able to see how ancient people live in Japan and how they develop Tokyo.

we had our lunch at once of the Italian restaurant in the museum. The pasta is delicious.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Enoshima / Kamakura

[August 22, 09]
We bought 1-day pass from Ebina station. This pass can be used as unlimited boarding ticket for the Enoden train (between Fujisawa station and Kamakura station) and Odakyu train (between Fujisawa station and Katase-Enoshima station). Round trip between departure station and Fujisawa station is allowed only one time. Furthermore this pass can be presented to get further admission discount at some attractions. It costs 1110 Yen from our departure station- Ebina.
After had our early lunch at MacD (the cheapest lunch), we headed to Enoshima Aquarium. The admission fee for Aquarium is actually 2000 Yen. Since we have 1-day pass, we got 200Yen discount on it. We spent about half day in Aquarium.

Next we went to Kotokuin Temple (Great Buddha). We reached there about 3pm+. Due to more time have been spent in Aquarium, we were not able to visit other temples at Kamakura. Another 200 Yen admission fee have to pay for entering Kotokuin temple.

Before we headed back, we passed by Hasedera Temple. We were not able to enter the temple because it closed at 5pm.
There are one souvenir shop near to Hasedera Temple. Those souvenirs are cute and lovely! and... expensive too...

Saturday, September 19, 2009


[Aug 15, 09]
We almost went out every weekend after came to Japan. I am easy-low-batt person. Long journey short trip is not suitable for me. Yokohama definitely a good choice to visit. It near to my dormitory.

We went to Ramen museum which dedicated to the popular noodles dish. There are various kind of souvenirs sell at the 1st floor of museum. At the basement, you can explore some streets or houses of Shitamachi (old town of Japan). It is unique! It is cool!

We had our lunch here. We don't understand Japanese, so we choose the shortest queue. It takes around 20-30 mins to our turn. We ordered Shoyu pork ramen. Erm, at the end we know we choose the wrong one after reached our turn. We should choose Tonkotsu ramen. It is more suitable for us. T_T

After that we went to Minato Mirai (Harbor of the future). The landmarks of tower is one of the tallest building in Japan.

Yokohama chinatown is Japan's largest chinatown. Here, you will notice most of the visitors speak in same language like us... hehehe... Finally I found fried rice here!! but... I have taken my lunch at Ramen museum... I miss Penang food!!! T_T

The tallest lighthouse... in Japan? in Yokohama? in the world? Find out yourself... :P