Friday, October 9, 2009

Autumn is here!

Cool! Autumn is in Japan now! The weather is so cooling and it is so sunny after typhoon. It is even colder than Genting Highlands. Everything look so calm, right? But not my heart. Arhhhh, I LOVE Autumn in Japan! Suddenly not feel like going back to Sg. How?! ^.^

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Typhoon No. 18

The Typhoon No.8 hit Japan with full force this morning. Our umbrella also spoilt due to the strong wind. Luckily those umbrella are not belongs to us. :P
We walked all the way to our workplace. Normally it takes 20 mins to reach our workplace. Therefore we have 20 mins to 'experience' the typhoon. It is not as serious as what I think. Maybe because my working area is not really near to coast side. Furthermore there is not really heavy rain in this morning. Just strong wind which can push you move forward.. :P
And unbelievable it turns into sunny day after we reached office. ="= Unfortunately I was not able to take any photos when i was in such embrassing situation - untidy hair, wet shoes and clothes... :P

Monday, October 5, 2009

秋天 | 秋雨





Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sanrio Puroland

[Aug 29, 09]
Sanrio Puroland is also known as Hello Kitty land. It is indoor type theme park. It is a great place for "mature" lady like me who cannot take up too challeging games always... So, NO roller coaster here! :P

The admission ticket for Sanrio Puroland actually have 2 types: Welcome ticket and Passport. Welcome ticket (3000 Yen) is only for entrance and all free shows. Passport (4400 Yen) is for entrance, ALL shows and ALL games. With the discount coupon which you can be get from their website, we have another 300 Yen discount from the actual price. ^.^

First time, I was able to catch ALL rides, play ALL games and watch ALL shows in theme park. You no need worry about the unexpected changes weather because it is indoor theme park.

Hello Kitty in the magical land of Oz [Musical show]

Hello Kitty Black Wonder: Rescue hello kitty and dear Daniel [Game]

Sanrio Character boat ride [Ride]

Cinnamon's secret door [Musical show]
Ge-Ge-Ge No Kitaro [3D show]

Kitty's house