Monday, September 20, 2010

Melbourne Trip: Great Ocean Road

[30 April 2010]
After having our breakfast at MacD, we departed to our most awaiting destination - Great Ocean Road!!! Since it was not peak season that time, we decided to start our journey in Great Ocean Road without booking any accommodation. Sounds exciting right! If we are not manage to get a hostel along Great Ocean Road, I think we might sleep inside the car or camp near the beach... hehehe... :P

We rented car for 2 days including insurance and 2 days GPS rental. Without GPS, I think we could not reach our planned destination smoothly... It is exciting as it is our first time driving in other country without learning their road sign/rule....

After buy some snack/food/drink and double-checked our luggage, we start our journey to Geelong! ^_^ Roughly introduce our few stops along the Great Ocean Road - Geelong -> Lorne -> Kennet River -> Apollo Bay -> Port Campbell.

First we stopped at Geelong. I love this place especially the beach! It is interesting to stroll past the sculptured bollards dotted along the foreshore.

This beautiful church is not in our attraction list actually, but it is really catch our attention on our way towards Torquay. It is St. Mary of the Angels which situated in Geelong town. If you're interested to know more about it, please go to this website. Highly recommended to visit this place if you have ample of time.

On the way to Apollo Bay, we stopped at few points that also not in our travel list.. The scenery along the Great Ocean Road is fabulous! Even this lake is also uniquely beautiful... If we were not rushing out of time (in order to get a acommodation), I would spend more time to stroll around this small lake or have a picnic.. :P

The landmark of Great Ocean Road. Actually this is the starting point of Great Ocean Road.
The famous small white house which situated in Lorne. I don't know who is the owner, looks like no one is in the house but it is really well-maintained.

We reached in Lorne town around 1pm for lunch. Again, I have my fish-n-chip as lunch since everyone say that it is famous in Melbourne. Well, I think I afraid of eating fish after the trip.. :P
After lunch, we found Italy's famous Gelato ice-cream. Must try because it is cheaper compared to Singapore. Furthermore it has more flavour to choose. ^_^
Next our destination is Kennet's river. Mission looking for wild koalas is completed!! Koala was too shy to show off himself/herself, so I only manage to capture his/her buttock. :P

Another breathtaking view!! I really wish to extend my trip because of this incredible scenery! ^_^

The 13 000-hectare Otway National Park, with its towering rainforest trees, straddles the Great Ocean Road. Finally we reached Apollo Bay in late afternoon. We were not manage to see the Cape Otway light house, but we managed to see the wild koalas again on top of the tree and wild kangaroo jumped fast and furious when our car passed by.
we arrived at Port Campbell town around 6pm. We have to find a place to hide as fast as possible because it is getting cold outside.

Almost dark out there and the weather was freezing cold. Fortunately we managed to get a hostel with cheaper rate after comparing the rate with other hostels. We stayed a night at Port Campbell Best Western Great Ocean Road Motor Inn with the rate AUD95. The room is mainly made of woods. Small but comfortable and clean. It is well-maintained and well-prepared inside the room. Toilet, bathroom, kichenette, sofa, air-cons, TV, and etc.. are all inside the room. It is recommendable to stay here.

Our dinner of that night : Fish-n-chips (again?!) and HUGE beef burger.

Love the environment outside the room too! Chairs are prepared for those who love to see sunrise or sunset. Playground is also prepared for travellers who come with kids.

And next, we headed to the highlight of the trip - 12 Apostles!!!! ^_^

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