Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Izu Peninsula Day 1

[Oct 10, 09]
We choose Izu Peninsula as our last trip in Japan. It is nearer from our dormitory and easy to get there by local train (no more Shinkansen), B-U-T it is still expensive! Not many foreigners will consider visit Izu. Only locals know about this place. When you need a place to hide or if you like nature, Izu definitely a good choice!
We stopped at Atami. Why Atami? Honestly we were really disappointed during the time in Kyoto because we only managed to see geisha's BACK (Please refer to this entry). Therefore this time we will not let ourselves down. No more! We were going to Atami Geisha Centre to look for geisha!
On our way, we kept on asking locals about Atami Geisha Centre until we managed to find it. Yes! we are here! We already here for Geisha! We were excited like kids (jumping up and down like jelly fish).
Admission fee: 1300 Yen (we got 100 Yen discount!) ^_^
Refreshment: cake + a cup of green tea. (Don't worry. All included in admission fee)

Finally we saw geisha on the stage. We found the performance really funny because we don't understand at all. All around us are aunties and uncles. We are the youngest one! ^_^ and also the silly one. ="= Paying 1200 Yen just to see geisha, but anyway it is cheap compared to those geisha centre in Kyoto.

Even more exciting, we got the chance to take few photos with them. Hahahaaha..
After performance, we walked to Atami Castle. The weather just nice for walking. Sunny but not hot. Windy but not so cold. We saw a pair of husband and wife fishing near Atami beach. How relaxing they are! Erm, how to control myself not to think about those irritating project? Don't care. I should make use of my time in Izu.

Took cable car up to the hill and saw such superb panoramic view of ocean. We had our prawn udon here. The scenery is breathtaking! We decided not to go to Atami Castle because we would like to spend more time in this place.

After that we returned to Atami station and strolled around at the market. They sell a lot of dried food and souvenirs.

Before turn dark, we have to get to our hostel at Usami. We took local train to Usami station. Usami is a small town. Once we reached this station, we hardly can find anyone else on the road. Seems like NO-ONE town.
We check-in at Onsen Minshuku Otsuka. This hostel not as cheap as in Hokkaido, and also not as good maintenance as in Hokkaido. B-U-T hostel owner is really kind. ^_^ He can speaks English, but not fluently. He offered to fetch us to their so-called night market (pasar malam) for dinner.

Just right in front of this hostel, it is Usami beach. We are surprised to see many people were surfing near the beach. Why in such cold weather?! Getting cold at evening. We shivered while sit on the beach.

At night, we had our Unagi rice at one of japanese restaurant. Oishi!!
As I mentioned, Usami beach just right in front of our hostel. There is highway in between the beach and hostel. That's why we can hear the car racing sound especially midnight. Kick away those noise, just concentrate ourselves to those beautiful wave sound. Night at Usami is boring. Nothing much to visit during night time. No Starbucks. No Coffee Bean. No internet cafe. All shops and restaurants closed around 7pm. After 7pm, we rotted in our hostel room. Normally foreigner excited to put on the Yukata that prepared by the hotel/hostels. We also the same. Since the night is boring, the only activity for us is to put on the Yukata and take photos! ^_^ Of course, our silly act photos cannot be published in the blog. :P

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I wish

I wish,
one day when I wake up, I sleep in my own dream house but not rented room.

I wish,
one day when I wake up, my saving suddenly becomes 7 digits.

I wish,
one day when I wake up, no need worry about tonnes of work.

I wish,
one day when I wake up, I drive BMW to work.

I wish,
one day when I wake up, I just need to plan for trip but not work schedule.

I wish,
one day when I wake up, I no need to face those irritating faces or unfair incidents.

I wish,
one day I strike the 1st prize in TOTO or 4D.

I wish,
one day when I wake up, it is beautiful cooling day, but not freaking hot day!!

I think,
I think too much tonight.
It's time to sleep......