Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Singapore Botanic Garden

Went to Botanic Garden last weekend for a walk in this tropical Eden. Nice weather that day. A bit humid because heavily rain few hours ago. Botanic garden has 63 hectare large. And, we walked from Tanglin gate (one end) to Bukit Timah road (the other end) within 3 hours.

First we met up at visitor center to get the map. Journey begins! We stopped at the bandstand for photo-shooting. This bandstand is a landmark of this garden.

And then we saw some stunning sculptures such as 'Girl on the swing' and 'Lady on a hammock'.

Swan Lake. Initially those swans are trapped at the middle of the lake. We couldn't even take a picutre of them. When the tourists (including us =P) start gathered near the lake, those swan being set free. They even come nearer to us.

Main gate of Botanic Garden.

A lot of people from photograpy society also come here for practising their photo shooting techniques. I'm not interested on what they snapped in the garden, but I'm interested on their SLR camera. =)

Next, we found the heritage tree. Why is it so famous? because it appears at the back of 5 dollars note. Hehe... see, that's why we are holding 5 dollars in the photos.

The shortest sign board in the garden.

Water lilies garden.

Bonsai garden.

Unknown tree.

In the cave.

Jacob Ballas Children's garden. See what I did in the children playground? Hehe...

He was curious what this 'ah yee' doing in this children playground. =P

A dog wearing socks and shoes!!!
More photos in Flickr.
Operating Hours: open daily from 5am to midnight
Admission fee: free except for Natinal Orchid Garden
Tel: (65) 64717138 / 64717361

Friday, March 20, 2009

Jason Goh's farewell at Kuishinbo

We celebrated Jason Goh's farewell at Kuishinbo Jurong Point. Last year I missed the opportunity to have this japanese buffet with just paying 7 dollars (company paid for the balance). This time I have to pay it in full price, around $40 per person. T_T Really pricey. For your information, Kuishinbo is an authentic Japanese buffet restaurant serving a wide variety of excellent Japanese Cuisine, fresh Seafood and other foods. Most important is they serve long leg crab. =)

Random food photos:

Special tea pot which serves seafood soup.

What is inside?

Small prawn is hidden underneath it.

Green tea ice-cream with different types of topping.

Group photo in Kuishinbo.
All the best to Jason Goh. He will be working as a teacher then. No more Singlish! Hehe...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Southern Ridges Walk

Joined colleagues for southern ridges walk. Initially, I don't even know where we are supposed to go since Song the guide never give us information. However we still found it out when we reached there.. =P

We met up at RedHill MRT and then took bus 145 to our first point - Mount Faber Park. The southern ridges walk spans across Mount Faber Park, Teluh Blangah Hill, Kent Ridges Park and ends at West Coast Park.
Henderson Waves that connects Mount Faber Park and Teluk Blangah Hill. It is the highest pedestrial bridge in Singapore.

Clever Momo chan is learning to walk on Henderson Waves.

The English-syle staircase.

What is in the end of staircase? A garden. People is playing KungFu here.
Experienced the Hilltop walk while across Teluk Blangah Hill.

Lastly we stopped at HortPark the gardening hub. We did not continue our way to Kent Ridges Park and West Cost Park because it's time for Momo chan to have her lunch, so as us.
Seems like I forced her to take a picture with me. In fact, I'm not.
A very tiring day, but it's fun. =)