Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ueno Ameyoko

[Sep 26, 09]

3 weeks left before return to Sg. Weather start turning into Autumn in September. Time flies fast. During the time we came to Japan, it was almost end of Spring. We went through few trips during Summer such as Hokkaido, Kyoto and Tokyo East. We almost finished our cash that we bring to Japan in the first day. However I have kept some cash for my mum's souvenirs - dried scallops and mushrooms.
Therefore we came to Ueno Ameyoko. Here you can find a lot of dried seafood and wasabi nuts which sells in bargainable price. But must always remember, only C-A-S-H is acceptable here! No credit card ok.
After shopping in Ueno Ameyoko, our cash is just enough for the trip back to our hostel. Sounds pity right? Even more pitiful is we had spent all cash on our lunch by mistake. Why? Before we ordered food, we actually did ask in English whether credit card is acceptable in that restaurant and the japanese shop owner just replied us "ok! ok!". So we ate our lunch peacefully. Ended up casher asked for cash in the counter when we were going to pay our bill. -_-''' They misunderstood us in the first place. Hmmm.. luckily credit card is acceptable in purchasing train tickets.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Tokyo Disney Hotel

[Sep 21, 09]
We had extra 1 day holiday during Japan Silver Week. Unfortunately we were not able to plan for a short trip to Izu Peninsula because most of cheaper hostels are fully-booked. Therefore we postponed the trip to October before we went back to Sg. In these 3-days-long holidays, we just strolled around Tokyo such as Machida, Shibuya, and Tokyo Metropolitan Building. We actually went to DisneySea in the last day of silver week. Yes, we went there! but.... when we reached DisneySea, all tickets have been sold out. -_-''' We learnt our lesson. NEVER visit Disneyland / Disneysea during holiday! NEVER visit Disneyland/Disneysea without ticket booking!
It is disaster! We had spent our money and time travelled from west to south-east of Tokyo. It actually sounds stupid if we just travel back like that. Therefore we spent some time in Tokyo Disney hotel, just right outside the train station.
We have ever think to stay a night in Disney hotel. After searching high and low in the internet for the fare of Disney hotel, we cancelled our plan due to the extremely expensive room rate. Well, maybe I would consider again if I have chance to visit any Disneyland in the world again. But now, N-O!

Just like a dream hotel when stepped in Tokyo Disney Hotel. You would see what it supposed have in Disneyland. Yea, Mickey and Minnie!!! ^_^ Btw it is just a statue. It's good enough for me. I rather take a photo with statue than queuing up for Mickey and Minnie for 1 hour inside the disneyland. :P

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Shibuya | Tokyo Metropolitan Building

[Sep 20, 09]
Have been back from Jp for 2 months, but then I'm still not completely update all my stories/short trip in Japan. Busy on something? I don't think so. My mind always plan of trip. It's alright for me to go for local short trip or overseas trip. After Japan, I'm falling in love on backpacking. Just feel that it is C-O-O-L. :P

Well, back to my story in Jp. We went to Shibuya that weekend. Shibuya - popular disctrict for young generations. Why we were there? Hmmm... just want to see how crowded it is. Just want to see the most busiest pedestrian crossing in Tokyo. Strolled around Shibuya, not buying anything. A lot of boutiques and shopping complexes here.

Tried frozen yogurt here. Tastes good. I tried the one with strawberry and red bean. Sweet and sour combination. Not really like strawberry, but the red bean paste is sweet.

After that we headed to Tokyo Metropolitan Building in order to see the Tokyo view from top for F-R-E-E. Of course can see the Tokyo Tower from far, but then we went to the wrong building which cannot see any sight of Tokyo Tower. -_-''' At first we thought can capture the night view of Tokyo, but when we reached there we found out it's not a good place to capture a night mode photo. Light reflection.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


[Sep 19, 09]
Getting tired travel around Tokyo. Have to take around 1 hour train to city, furthermore it is always full of people during weekend... hmm... nope, not only weekend but also weekday. This Saturday since I so lazy to make myself to city, so I just strolled around Machida. Just need 15 mins to get there. Nothing much to buy in Machida although there are many souvenir shops. Heard that there are biggest 100 Yen shop in Machida but I couldn't find it. Thought that it will be at the location which can be easily found, but I was wrong. Ended up I still cannot find this biggest 100 Yen shop in Japan.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kyoto 2D1N - Day 2

[Sep 6, 09]

Morning we took train from Kyoto station to Inari Station. Once get out of Inari station, will get to see Fushimi Inari Shrine after few mins walk. This place famous for its Torii which leading to inner shrine. For me, i know this place because of the movie "Memoirs of Geisha". Still remember a little girl running under Torii in the movie? It might be takes up to 1 hour to reach the top, so we give up. :P

I tried to run like the girl in movie... hehehee... :P

After that we walked around Kyoto station. Kyoto station actually link with few shopping center. Since we will be taken afternoon Shinkansen back to Tokyo, so for the time being we searched for a famous Japanese restaurant named "中村藤吉". It is famous of its green tea dessert. We nearly failed to find this restaurant.

After dessert, we walked around in the shopping center to grab for the last minute souvenirs for family and friends.

Time for home! =)

Kyoto 2D1N - Day 1

[Sep 5, 09]
It will be a long journey from Tokyo to Kyoto. By bus, it takes around 7 hours but cheaper. By Shinkansen, it takes only 2 hours but expensive. Therefore we decided to take night bus from Machida, Tokyo to Kyoto station on Sep 4 and come back by Shinkansen.

More information about the bus booking and Shinkansen timetable in Japan:
Bus123 - bus booking
Shinkasen - shinkansen booking / timetable
We reached Kyoto station around 6am in the morning. We felt extremely tired by taking this long-journey bus, but still we have to find our booking hostel - K's House Kyoto. It is not that easy to get to this hostel, but one thing i liked the most is their cleanliness and cozy environment.

After breakfast at hostel and bought the city bus all day pass (500 Yen) at Kyoto station, we headed to Kinkakuji Temple (Golden Pavilion). It is well-known for its gold-coloured architecture which situated at the center of the lake.

And then we took the bus to Nijo-castle. It is quite easy to travel in Kyoto, normally people take bus. Therefore you can see many people squeeze inside the bus during the peak hour. So as us. -_-''' Nijo castle is one of Kyoto's UNESCO world heritage site. We even stepped in the castle and try to imagine how people live inside. Hmmm... must be very boring then.. :P
There are many of temples and shrines in Kyoto. We cannot really visit all of them, so we choose in particular. We passed by Yasaka Shrine before we had our lunch.

After lunch, we headed to Sanjusangendo temple. It is famous for its 33 halls and 1001 statues of Kannon, the godness of mercy. We decided to give ourselves a rest in hostel after this temple visit because we are extremely tired due to long journey traveling. Luckily this temple is near to our hostel.

At first we planned to rest for 1 hour and then headed to Gion to see geisha, but can't believe that it was already 6pm when we woke up. Erm, no doubt we are extremely tired. hehehe... :P Well, we still headed to Gion. Pontocho is Kyoto's nightlife district where might be able to spot geisha. And very lucky we saw 1 passed by us and rushed for her performance. Erm, we only can spot her back. -_-''' That night we had our dinner and green tea dessert in Pontocho.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I have nearly abandoned this blog. Have been came back from Japan for about 1 month, but my travel diary only update until Aug. Many things happpened after I came back from Japan. First, Went for body checkup and discovered that I have to undergo a surgery. Anyway I'm ok right now. Back to normal again, I think. Second, my passport spoilt due to the leak of antiseptic. I thought I just need to renew my passport during my recovering period in Pg. I thought it just need 1 day to settle this issue but it is NOT. Have to go through many procedures and new passport can only be collected after 1 month for investigation purpose. Well, means I cannot go anywhere within 1 month. Anyway I have settled this too by renewing my passport in Sg. :P Third, overseas medical leaves issue. I'm still thinking how to settle it. Btw wish me good luck. Wish that everything will back to normal asap. ^_^
Photo taken on the way to my company during the time in Japan. Look like blueberries. Unlikely blueberries can be survived along the roadside right?

Friday, October 9, 2009

Autumn is here!

Cool! Autumn is in Japan now! The weather is so cooling and it is so sunny after typhoon. It is even colder than Genting Highlands. Everything look so calm, right? But not my heart. Arhhhh, I LOVE Autumn in Japan! Suddenly not feel like going back to Sg. How?! ^.^

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Typhoon No. 18

The Typhoon No.8 hit Japan with full force this morning. Our umbrella also spoilt due to the strong wind. Luckily those umbrella are not belongs to us. :P
We walked all the way to our workplace. Normally it takes 20 mins to reach our workplace. Therefore we have 20 mins to 'experience' the typhoon. It is not as serious as what I think. Maybe because my working area is not really near to coast side. Furthermore there is not really heavy rain in this morning. Just strong wind which can push you move forward.. :P
And unbelievable it turns into sunny day after we reached office. ="= Unfortunately I was not able to take any photos when i was in such embrassing situation - untidy hair, wet shoes and clothes... :P

Monday, October 5, 2009

秋天 | 秋雨





Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sanrio Puroland

[Aug 29, 09]
Sanrio Puroland is also known as Hello Kitty land. It is indoor type theme park. It is a great place for "mature" lady like me who cannot take up too challeging games always... So, NO roller coaster here! :P

The admission ticket for Sanrio Puroland actually have 2 types: Welcome ticket and Passport. Welcome ticket (3000 Yen) is only for entrance and all free shows. Passport (4400 Yen) is for entrance, ALL shows and ALL games. With the discount coupon which you can be get from their website, we have another 300 Yen discount from the actual price. ^.^

First time, I was able to catch ALL rides, play ALL games and watch ALL shows in theme park. You no need worry about the unexpected changes weather because it is indoor theme park.

Hello Kitty in the magical land of Oz [Musical show]

Hello Kitty Black Wonder: Rescue hello kitty and dear Daniel [Game]

Sanrio Character boat ride [Ride]

Cinnamon's secret door [Musical show]
Ge-Ge-Ge No Kitaro [3D show]

Kitty's house