Sunday, February 19, 2012

Why . Banane Taipei

I should say that Banane Taipei bag is not only popular around young lady, but indeed it has been used widely in motherhood. What make Banane Taipei so being loved by ladies/mothers?
The 30CM X 38CM X 12CM size is just nice for putting all the useful stuff along with you everyday. For office lady/students, you will no longer complaining about the size as Banane Taipei is able to load all your daily needed in ONE bag. Believe me or not, please see the photo below.

Same for mummies. You will no longer missed up any baby stuff when you are planning a day trip out with your little one.

Proudly say that Banane Taipei provides various range of colors for their customers, from student's favorite - Banane Yellow to OL's lover - French Honey Camel. Until this year, another 4 colors are added into their color code: Fairy Silver, Monster Black, Bubble purple, and Royal green.
With so many color options, there definitely has one or two colors suitable for mummies. Am I right?

The reasons above are good enough giving me excuse on buying one for myself. :P

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Go Banana!

Recently I so much falling into Banane Taipei - an eco-friendly canvas bag featuring a photo printed of Birkin bag and currently truly selling hot in Taiwan! Banana Taipei offers an affordable solution for the working class to own a Hermès Birkin Handbag (like me).

Banana Taipei founded in Taiwan in the early spring of 2010, has been increasingly popular amongst Taiwan celebrities. They only make 6 bags in 1 hour, because of their detailed quality control and handmade process. The concept of Banana Taipei [嬌蕉包] is actually come from the environmental protection and designed by a group of designer team who love the earth and implant the idea of ECO-friendly. Furthermore they even provide wide range of color option for their design, from sweet Pink to latest bubble Purple! Isn't that nice?

Sweet pink: A lady's sweet dream.

Tiffany blue: It makes me think of diamond. Girl's best friend. :P

Fairy silver: Let's be an elegant little fairy!

Monster black: Or you want to be naughty monster?

Grass Green: Who want to go green with me!
French Honey Camel: Irresistible "sweet", just like honey.

Champs Lavender Grey: Can't you see the tastefulness of lavender?
Oh God,what color should I choose from them? They are so.. so.. beautiful. They have been activated any of my body cells. I believe the cells are hurrying me to get one of them home! =P

For those who love shopping,
For those who wish to get her girl friend a lovely present in this Valentine's Day,
For those who are "Go Green" supporter,
For those who simply read my blog and falling into Banane Taipei at the very first sight,
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