Saturday, July 25, 2009


[Part 1: July 25, 09]

First time we travel out of rural area to city. First time we buy train tickets ourselves in Japan although we don't know Japanese words. First time we take the bus in Japan and don't know where we should align. First time I asked for direction by using only body language. Erm btw, we still survive in Japan. =P

We visited Harajuku, which is a combination of tranditional and modern in this area. We visited Meiji Shrine. Meiji Shrine, also known as Meiji-jingu, is dedicated to teh Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken.

After that we walked to another direction from Meiji Shrine. At first I want to buy some t-shirt or top at Takeshita-dori because I brought only few clothes to Japan. Unfortunately found out that the clothes there are not that cheap. So maybe I will still wearing the same top and pants in my following visit.. hehehe... Very crowded in this area.

We stopped at one of food court for lunch. What we ate? Not Japanese food... hehehe... getting bored eating Japanese food everyday.. so we ate Kebab! =P

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My dormitory room in Japan

Go to Japan training for 3 months. It will be a great experience to me.

We took the night flight to Narita airport. Glad to say that we are able to fly over Japan by A380. I not sure how great is this aeroplane, but what attract me is those movies played in the aeroplane. Btw I just manage to watch 2 movies before arrive at Narita airport. T_T Hmmm... I should not sleep...

Arrived at Narita airport around 7pm Japan time. After got our luggage, we took Keisei bus and stopped at Sagamiono station (3500 Yen). The journey takes about 2 hours.

Once reached the Sagamiono station, we still have to take another 1 hour taxi to our dormitory. Erm, I know it is tiring. ="=
Anyway this is my dormitory and I will stay in one of room here for 3 months. The room is good enough for 1 person. In each room, we have our own bed, small kitchen, refrigerator, bathroom, toilet, TV set, electric kettle, cabinet, etc.. It is air-conditioned room. Good enough for this summer. hehehe.... :P Breakfast and dinner will be prepared by dormitory, and then lunch will be prepared by company. Everything is FOC. ^_^

Scenery outside dormitory: