Monday, November 1, 2010

Melbourne Trip: 12 Apostles & Phillip Island

[1st May 2010]
Today we woke up early, so that we able to reach Phillip Island before night falls. We stopped at our most-awaiting destination "12 Apostles" awhile. The wind was strong and cold. In this moment, I can't wait to expose to sunlight to get some warm.. :P Twelve Apostles no longer 12. Due to wave action eroding the cliff face, 12 apostles becomes 7 apostles. T___T

After that, we spent 3 hours road trip to Queenscliff. From Queenscliff, we took ferry to Sorrento. We have to make sure we manage to reach Queenscliff at 11am, else we have to waste another 2 hours while waiting for next schedule. Normally there is 1 ferry per hour. Unfortunately there was construction on going during our visit, so schedule has been changed. For more information, please click HERE. We were able to on board safely..

Next we headed to Maru Koalas & Fauna Park to visit my lovely koala Maru.. This is a really good place to see koalas or other animals in a very close distance.. Anyway you are not allowed to hug koalas for photo shooting. Entrance fee for this park is AUD 15 per person. Just pay extra AUD 1 for the food to feed kangaroos and pony.

I am very excited yet scared when I saw those kangaroos jumping toward me. They are almost same height as me. They are able to put their front legs on my shoulder. Luckily there is a fence between us. By the way you can freely walk inside the park.. no door is locked.. After get myself ready, I finally walked inside the kangaroos park to feed them food. Hoo! It's really fun!

The Koala, Maru.

The eggs look like fake but it is real.. this is emus' egg.

Albino Western Grey Kangaroo

Little pony

After that, we move on to Phillip Island. Since the day still early for Penguin Parade, we headed to Phillip Island Winery for late afternoon tea as well as wine tasting. I am not a good wine taster, therefore not eligible to comment anything about the wine. But indeed it is another good experience to me! Love it!

Having late afternoon tea at winery. I like the bread more than those precious cheese... :P

Finally come to Penguin Island. Entrance fee around AUD22. Strolled around the souvenir shop and grab some penguin magnets. By the way no camera / videa camera are allowed during the show. So sorry, no PHOTOS taken during the show.

We are allowed to get into the waiting area to wait for the penguin home 1 hour before the show starts. The weather was getting cold. After the sky turn dark, a thousand wild Little Penguins emerge from the sea and march across the beach to their sand dune burrows. This is really impressive!
We headed back to Melbourne city after the parade. By the way don't forget to look up to the sky. You will get to see thousands of stars shining on the sky... Some even form milky way.. it is really attractive! ^_^ Love the night in Phillip Island!

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Hehe, I'd deleted that post, paiseh, accidentally posted it, it should be schedule to be posted at later date after finish my nibong tebal trip.

I din visit Maru park, sounds interesting :D

Connie said...

I'm looking forward your Melbourne entries!!! Fast fast!!! :P

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